sâmbătă, 5 februarie 2011

God has a purpose

When I was a little girl people were always asking me:
-What do you want to become when you`ll grow up?
- When I`ll grow up I wanna be an actress, I was answering

I grew up with this in my heart- I wanted to became an actress, I wanted so much to share my talent, my skills, my needs, my emotions with the world...I was in loooove with `acting`. I kept it in my mind for my whole intire life since then...
When I finished high school I was 99 % sure that I`ll go to Theatre University in Bucharest...But I did not ! That 1 % won...so I did not go to Theatre University .
Why ?- My mind wil answer: -because actors in Romania are not well paid, because I did not have anaf courage, because the entrance examination held when i was not in the country , so I was not able to get on time.
...But my heart has a different answer: -Because God didn`t wanted me to go to Theatre University...and not because He don`t want me to be happy, doing what I love to do, but because He has prepared something better for me, something that will fully satisfied me.

I am looking forward to see how God will lead me and how He will show up the amazing things kept inside of me for so long .