duminică, 25 ianuarie 2015

When you hit your right foot with your left

Few days ago, I just realized that one of the reasons people fail( I fail) it s because we sabotage ourselves! Don't ever say "I don t know", if you know; because if you do so, you ll automatically submit to that statement... Your brain it's the engine, your mind it s setting up the standards; don't sabotage yourself! Don't try to impress anyone! don't try to say things to make people happy( except when your encouraging, but that is something else): Say what you know! Do what you want! Go where your heart is calling you! And if you fail because you didn't work hard enough, or because you choosed the wrong way, you will try again and do things the best way possible... But if you fail because you didn't listen to your instinct, because you were trying to impress people, because you said the unforgivable "I can't" --> you failed because you sabotaged yourself; and that makes you bitter ...and sometimes you don't have another shot to make things the best way possible... Be careful! I learned my lesson!

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